Common Particulars


  • Automatic backup
  • Copy, edit and delete.
  • Export / import conditions


  • Table and graphic environment with different views
  • Summary with each group total weight


All the users relevant information is possible to print out


Cargo Particulars

Containers carrier

  • containers sumaries by different criteria
  • container list
  • planning list
  • search
  • copy/paste
  • zoom, fit window

Bulk Carriers

  • hold list with actual cargo
  • cargo weight limits


  • ASTM tables 6A and 13 for crude oil
  • ASTM tables 54B for product tankers
  • Meassurements control and corrections according the different factors: Ullage observed, trim, heel, Ullage corrected, Temperature, density, Free water, ASTM factors, API, etc.

Ro - Ro / General cargo

Lanes cargo with sumaries, auto fill tools, etc.

Results / Modules

  • Deadweight summary showing each group particulars(total weight, COG, moments, etc)
  • Drafts at perpendiculars and at marks.
  • Vessels particulars
  • Stability contrasting the results against the limits:
  • IMO Resolution MSC.75(69)
  • SBG
  • Strength
    • Shear Forces, including Shear Forces corrections if applicable.
    • Bending Moments
    • Torsion
  • Hydrostatics
  • Visibility
  • Water ballast managing / sequential loading. Module for the vessel situation control in situations with high risico:
    • bulk carrier under loading or unloading (strength)
    • full loaded container in arrival situation (stability)




Application for container terminals or container owners main office that charters vessels and wants to have full control over the operations.

Brief Description:

  • Quick infinite bayplan creation with all the necesary bay details
  • Edit already created bayplans
  • Delete unnecesary old bayplans
  • Manage the vessels container logistic with all the necesary tools making loading, discharging, shifters, restows, creating edifact files like baplies, movins, etc


Software to receive and manage logistic edifact files like Baplies, movins, etc making easier the comunication between terminals, shipagents, shipowners, etc.

Crew logistic.

Application for the crew logistic control.